United communitY Project

 Out of personal commitment to contribute to society, Alina Lapteva, the founder of Your Lifestyle Cleaning, has created and is currently involved in a charity project called “United Community Project”. In this project, Your Lifestyle Cleaning employs homeless people from the streets and shelters to help clean up the neighbourhoods of Toronto. With this project, our biggest goal is to motivate and encourage homeless people to cause breakthroughs in their lives, to provide the support they need, and help them believe that anything is possible and that they can create a life they want. We also want to raise awareness among people within our communities to realize the importance of supporting one another and to be united as one. 

At this point, the “United Community Project”’s task is to clean the entire area of Rosedale Valley Rd (from Park Rd all the way to Bayview Ave) before the first snow. The task is highly challenging due to the amounts of litter, its dangerous content, difficult-to-access forested areas, falling leaves that cover the surfaces, and numerous high slippery hills and slopes. 

The progress so far has been hugely satisfying! The homeless people participating have shown excitement, consistent, efficient and hard work, and pride in their personal accomplishments and contributions. They feel that they provide value to society and the environment and are happy to be given an opportunity to work, learn and be united together working on something greater than us.